I DEMAND An A! – Nov. 17, 2017

I cannot wait to graduate! The time is almost here! I know I get to walk across that stage and get that degree!
Why did you call me to the office professor? I have somewhere to go so I don’t understand the impromptu meeting. Falling? Me failing? Well of course I don’t feel like doing my work. I shouldn’t have to. You should have known that when you say my name on the class list. You know you’re not going to fail me professor. I have too much on you for you to fail me. Do yourself a favor and give me the A I deserve just for being me. You don’t want your wife to know about your secret lust for me or the administrators. You don’t want your job and certainly not your marriage on the line. It’s not my fault that you’re a pathetic perv. Notice how I decided to wear my sexy school girl outfit. I had a feeling you’d want to see me today due to my “poor performance”. So give me that A and everything will be fine. 🙂

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Author: Kristi Maxx

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