Can You Measure Up? – Nov. 10, 2017

Are you a real man? Ha, for all purposes, you essentially are just because you have a dick between your legs. But you aren’t a real man in my eyes. No, you’re pathetic. Accept the fact that you simple cannot measure up to being a real man. I mean that literally. That thing between your legs that you call a dick is not what a real man has. Sorry hun, but having a tiny cocklet doesn’t make you a real man to me. No way I’d fuck you. Look at this big black dildo of mine. Am I saying only black men have big dicks? No, just so happens this dildo is the color black so don’t go on a stupid BBC rant. This is just to show you what a real cock is supposed to look like size wise. Can you measure up? HELL NO!

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Author: Kristi Maxx

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