I Want A Promotion – Oct. 12, 2017

I’m so sorry I forgot all about our meeting today. I have been so busy answering all the phone calls. You wanted me to call back all of our clients. I’m so sorry. I am swamped. Yes I know I signed up for this. You did give me all of these tasks to complete in such a small amount of time..I am just super overwhelmed. I believe I deserve a promotion. Well, if you value my work so much and do not want to hire another assistant then I suggest you give me a promotion before I leave.
Oh, so I have to convince you? You mean my hard work isn’t enough? Well, I do want to keep this job after all and I know you won’t fire but this could be some fun trying to “convince” you for a raise/promotion. Besides, I do notice you staring at my chest quite a lot. It makes me think you keep me around for some eye candy. This could be fun 😉 BUT, no promotion or raise? I leave!

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Author: Kristi Maxx

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