Hungry Giantess – Aug. 18, 2017

I have not eaten in forever. The humans have not been falling for my traps lately. What is a hungry giant to do? Oh, what are these things? Ha the humans left me a treat, these sour gummy bear treats. Is this there way to defeat my cravings for them? HAHAHA, how dumb are they! My hunger for humans will never cease but I am just too hungry to pass up a nice treat! MMMM these gummy bears do taste pretty yummy. I am going to eat them the same way I eat these tiny humans. If they think this will cease my cravings for them, they are wrong. This only makes me angry that they think I would settle for these gummy treats. The next batch of tiny beings I catch will be in for it big time but for now I shall feast on my tiny treats!

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Author: Kristi Maxx

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