Blue Balls Relief – July 27, 2017

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“I have a very painful blue balls for the last 6 months plus I have tried everything to cum but nothing has worked and I’ve been left with poor blue painful balls oh what I wouldn’t give to relieve the pain. So I have come to you for help paid for this custom hoping you could relieve this pain after all your super sexy and tits are super big you tease me do a sexy striptease you can see how huge swollen and blue my balls are so you keep teasing me until you pull those massive tits out those huge m cup tits to drain my blue balls of all the pain as you instruct me to jerk and cum all over them omg it’s going to work I can feel all the pain go away as your sexiness and tits drain my balls and I cum. You can even add a cum countdown”

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Author: Kristi Maxx

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